Restaurant "Alice in Wonderland" opens in Moscow

Cats know how to smile, but can there be a smile without the cat? In the restaurant "Alice in Wonderland" everything is possible!

Hatter and the March Hare have their Mad Tea Party here, and stupid Diamond Cards repaint their roses every day. The Arbat restaurant reproduces every detail of the famous fairy tale scenery.

"Eat me!", "Drink me" - the talking dishes will be able to feed your appetite! Well, who could refuse a fabulous menu with a salad "On the contrary" and "Salmon ice-cream"? And there will be nice surprises when serving them.

Jump with us down the rabbit hole! Cheshire Cat is waiting for you!

22 Arbat
from 12:00 to 00:00, daily

+7 (495) 966-15-80, +7 (495) 966-15-81

SpongeBob Fans opened Krusty Krab cafe

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? SpongeBob Fans know the right answer!Now this funny guy in square pants can be found in Moscow - at the Krusty Krab fan-cafeSteering wheels on the tables, ship barrels instead of chairs and yummy Krabsburgers!SpongeBob and his partner Squidward greet the guests, so no one will be bored!

When you ask people, which cafe they would like to visit, a lot of them respond without a doubt: "Krusty Krab!"The story of Sponge Bob Square Pants is loved by children and adults.  

The creative team of Krusty Krab was eager to create a dream restaurant.

The artists and props people who worked on the creation and design of the cafe, were longtime fans of the vivid cartoon. So at last, SpongeBob fan café has opened its doors at Arbat, 4.

- Are you ready, children?

- Yes captain!

 Sponge Bob is waiting for you!

The curator of the project is Alexander Donskoi - the former mayor of Arkhangelsk, the author of "Sell Yourself in Business, Politics and Personal Life."

Cafe "Krusty Krab" is included in the best museums and attractions Big Funny association . 83 projects in 9 cities in Russia and abroad have already gained popularity and the love of the inhabitants of cities they are located in.Museum of illusions, Giant's House, Upside Down House, the Fear, Tape, Mirror and Glass Mazes, Jailbreak, Death Museum, the Museum of eroticism "G point", Labyrinth in the dark, anti-stress attraction "Breaking Dishes", "Inside the Man" Museum - the visitors of these unique projects get vivid emotions and amazing photos.

The "Krusty Krab" team includes only the best professionals.The project manager, Inga Yaroslavskaya, has more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant business: large chain restaurant projects, internships and numerous trainings in the United States. The chef has worked in famous restaurants of Moscow, such as the "Oyster bar," "Richard the Lionheart", "Tverbul", cafe "Bagel" by Ksenia Sobchak.Therefore, in addition to the impressive atmosphere, the cafe offers delicious dishes of Russian, European and American cuisine. Prices in this case will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Arbat, 4 (metroBiblioteka im. Lenina, Arbatskaya, Alexandrovsky Garden, Borovitskaya)

Hours: 11: 00-23: 00 daily

Credit cards accepted


“In the dark” maze

In a dark, dark city there’s a dark, dark maze… It’s hard to tell where to go and how to move in a pitch-black environment. What awaits behind the corner – nobody knows that.

There are many tactile surprises for the visitors to this dark maze. The time and space as you knew them cease to exist, and your feelings get strained to the limit. “In the dark” is a unique opportunity to take a new look at life.

Discover the world of new feelings in a dark and scary maze. Find your way out “In the dark”

15 Novy Arbat St.
from 11:00 to 00:00, daily
+7 (495) 201-38-85

300 rubles


5 Bolshaya Morskaya St.

from 11:00 to 00:00, daily

+7 (812) 938-55-06

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